Let me give you a realization you will never forget.

Here is how to CURE Mental Health.

First, let’s understand something;

A Permanent Cure is achieved, when the Source of the Problem is Understood.

So picture this;

You are in a War,

in the middle of a War Zone.

Tell me,

would you care, if the weather was sunshine and rainbows, or cold and raining?

Probably not, because the weather isn’t the REAL problem.

The fact that you’re in the middle of a War is!

Right, so let’s Understand something;

Your Positive Thoughts & Feelings, are like the Warm & Sunny Days.

Your Negative Thoughts & Feelings, the Anxiety, the Depression,

are like the Cold, Raining, and Miserable days that seem to last forever.

Your NEED, for your thoughts and feelings to be Positive,

Your NEED, for achievement, and success, and performance, and money,

is like NEEDING the Weather to be Sunshine and Rainbows.

And all the Meditation, Mindfulness, Gratitude Journaling, Positive Self-Talk, and any other techniques, tips and tricks you use to make yourself think more positively,

is like trying to change the weather.

Remember, you’re in a War,

The Weather Doesn’t Matter.

But that’s still only one layer deep.

That’s still not the Source of the Problem.

So, what is the True Source of All of Your Mental Health Problems?

What is the Source of your NEED for Positive Thoughts & Feelings?

What is the Source of your likes, dislikes, desires, hopes, striving, chasing?

What is the War Zone itself?

The very Place that all your Thoughts arise from:

Your MIND.

So how do you win a War?

How do you prevent the fighting and the suffering from occurring?

You choose not to engage in the first place.


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