What is the Pricing & Why are there no Free Sessions?

Pricing Plans are discussed with each applicant and are not fixed.


My pricing is not a measurement of time, number of sessions, number of weeks, or “value”.

It is a measurement of how serious the applicant is, and how much the result means to them given their financial situation.


Let me be clear: The amount you invest has nothing to do with me. I work with anyone who is willing to seriously invest in themselves.

No matter what the number is.


It is the only way we can guarantee you will achieve the Permanent Transformation you have been looking for.


After that, I simply work until you and I are satisfied the Result has been achieved.


I don’t do free sessions (anymore) because you get out of them exactly what you put in – nothing.

What outcomes can I expect from working with Alec?

  • A Permanent Sense of Peace
  • The Ability to get in the Zone ON-DEMAND.
  • Mental Freedom from Anxiety, Depression & Stress.
  • Arriving at a State where you will never feel the need to chase, struggle or suffer, ever again.

How are coaching methodologies and tools tailored to my needs?

This is exactly what sets me apart – I seek to Understand YOU and what is Preventing you from Achieving Your ULTIMATE Capability as a Human Being.


Whatever problem you are dealing with, whatever goal you are striving to achieve, I do not give you some preconceived advice, or techniques, or tactics. 


I simply seek to Understand you, and help you Understand yourself, to such a degree, that every problem dissolves and every goal is achieved effortlessly. (Yes, Seriously.)

What is the structure and duration of coaching sessions?

As and When Needed.

I only accept 2-3 1:1 clients at a time. This ensures I am available to each of them whenever they need me.


Often, clients will start with 1 2-Hour Session a week, before slowly fading them out as they become increasingly independent. Before finally arriving at a place where they no longer need my help at all. (Or anyone else’s!)


I am completely at your fingertips – text, call, email, zoom. If you become a client of mine, I give you everything I have to ensure you achieve the results you’re seeking.


I can confidently say that no one else in the world will commit to your success as much as I do.

How will my progress be measured and evaluated?

Another example of how different I am.


I do not measure progress. The ONLY thing that matters is Arriving at the Result.

How does Alec's approach differ from other mindset and performance coaching?

I want what you want – The Result.

Not “Lifetime Value”.

Not “Monthly Recurring Revenue”.

Not “1% Improvement”.



Permanent Transformation.

Permanent Peace.

Permanent Mental Freedom.

Permanent Freedom from Anxiety, Depression & Stress.

Permanent Peak Performance.


My approach is not about “improvement”, or “progress” – it is about Arriving at place of Permanence. 


It’s about dismantling the shackles of your own Mind that keep you from Effortlessly Achieving Everything You Desire.

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