A Mindset to Destroy Doubt, Fear, and the Need for ‘Motivation’.

2009. Game 2 of the NBA Finals. 2–0 Up.

This is the equivalent of that first post announcing your new business, or landing your first clients, or reaching any milestone along your journey to your goal.

What do most people do? They celebrate. They feel a sense of achievement. They get that hit of dopamine.

But what would Kobe Bryant say?

“What’s there to be happy about?”

This simple question shows what it takes to not only achieve Greatness, but to achieve ANY goal.

The reason why people don’t achieve goals is twofold:

  1. They struggle with motivation because they are looking for short term dopamine (think; achieving that next milestone)
  2. They don’t know what they really want in the first place. They’re chasing goals they don’t truly want, but something they think they should want, or something to get them to a further goal.

But the Mindset of Kobe Bryant shows you exactly how to flip this script:

“Job’s not done.”

It doesn’t matter how big the milestone is, it doesn’t matter how much progress you make.

The point of the journey is not to enjoy the process like everyone tells you. That’s just what people say to ease the pain of failure.
The point of the journey is the destination!

If you have not achieved what you ultimately want to achieve, it’s simple:

“Job’s not done.”

Don’t settle for the dopamine high of reaching a milestone. Get what you Ultimately want, and do not stop until you get there.

Now, there is a caveat — do not apply this blindly.

You can apply this blindly to any goal, and it may work, but then you’ll realise the goal isn’t what you really wanted in the first place.

You reach the money goal, and you realise you actually want more.

You reach the championship, and you realise you want ‘one more’.

Let me be clear,

unless you want to spend your life chasing goals that do not truly fulfill you, work out what you truly want first, and do not fall victim to the ‘hard work’ mentality.

Work out what you want to do every day for the rest of your life.

Work out your ULTIMATE goal.

The goal that once you reach it, you will STOP.

The point of the money game, for example, is to reach a point where you no longer have to play. But most people spend their entire lives searching for ‘more’. More is endless. More is infinite. There will always be more, if that’s what you work for.

Would you rather spend your entire life lying to yourself trying to ‘enjoy the process’
or get to a point where you achieve what you Truly want to achieve, and you can just enjoy your life?

I have clients tell me all the time “I’m getting my real estate licence so that in 5–10 years time I can build up enough passive income so I have time to help Men who have lost their Father’s overcome mental barriers”

Or many other versions of the same thing:
“I want to achieve this, so I have time to do what I actually want to do.”

What if you just worked out a way to do what you actually want to do as soon as possible?

It’s going to take the same amount of time and effort anyway, if not less.

Eliminate your surrogate goals.

Make your Ultimate Goal, THE GOAL.


until you reach it,

“Job’s not done.”

No celebration,

no dopamine rush,

no distraction,


until you ARRIVE.

Forget the process,

forget the journey.

These things are for goals that we don’t really care about and won’t actually fulfill us, so we have to make the journey enjoyable.

Uncover your Deepest Desire, and you will find something peculiar:

you won’t ‘have’ to work,

you’ll WANT to work.

And what looks like work to others, will feel like play to you.

If you uncover your deepest desire, you will want to have it NOW. You will have urgency, you will have motivation, and you won’t have to do a single thing to cultivate it. It will happen by itself, through the worthiness of your goal.

If you want to waste your entire life chasing things you don’t really want, continue on your way.

If the thought of wasting your entire life, never discovering or getting what you Truly want sickens you, you are my type of person.

These are the type of people, the athletes and the business professionals, that I work with.

If you haven’t discovered your deepest desire, or achieved your Ultimate goal;

“What’s there to be happy about?”


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