Clarity: The quality of Transparency, Purity, and Certainty.

Let’s first Understand how a Lack of Clarity hurts us:

Lack of Clarity is the reason a Professional Athlete makes mistakes,
Lack of Clarity is the reason an Executive makes the wrong decision,
Lack of Clarity is the reason a Human does not feel at Peace.

Because they do not see Reality as it is, but as they wish it to be.

The Professional Athlete does not Truly Experience the green, she thinks about her stroke, her tempo, her analysis of the green, her score, what her caddie says, and what this putt will mean in the context of the match or tournament. So she makes her putt based on this, rather than Reality.

The Executive does not Truly SEE the Situation his business is in, he sees what his opinion says about the raw data, what his MBA teaching says about it, what his prediction of the future means for the company, and all the ways he Hopes the situation will play out. So he makes the decision based on this, rather than Reality.

The Human does not Truly Experience Reality, he thinks ‘bad’ thoughts and ‘good’ thoughts, she feels ‘bad’ feelings and ‘good’ feelings. He has likes and dislikes. She NEEDS things to go her way. He NEEDS to feel good. She Hopes she achieves her goals. He Hopes she will love him. And so, they never Experience Peace.

Reality is what one experiences through the senses, but what we respond to are all our thoughts, feelings, preferences and opinions about them.

And that is why we do not have Clarity.

That is why we do not have Peace.

That is why we do not respond Perfectly to the Situation.


Clarity means to KNOW exactly what you want, from the Micro of the Moment, to the Macro of a Lifetime.

Clarity means to KNOW exactly who you are, and who you want to be.

Clarity is the Honest Self-Acknowledgement of Oneself.

Clarity means to KNOW what you KNOW, and what you don’t. Without the need for Belief.

You see, Belief is a Conscious thought, but Knowing is a Subconscious Feeling.

So what stands in your way of Clarity?

What Prevents you from seeing Reality with Pure Clarity, is your Mind.

The thoughts, the opinions, the likes & dislikes, the preconceived notions, the simple labelling of what ‘it’ is.

When you look at something, you do not just see it.
You see it whilst thinking about what you are seeing.

When you hear something, you do not just hear it.
You hear it whilst thinking about what you are listening to.

When you feel something, you do not just feel it.
You feel it whilst thinking about what you are feeling.

Every sensation we have is accompanied by our opinion on it.
Whether it’s a good sound or a bad sound.
Whether it’s a green leaf or a red car.
Whether it’s a feeling that we label as negative or positive.

Clarity means to Eliminate all of your opinions, and preferences, and conditioning, and preconceived ideas, and to SEE what is actually there.

Clarity does not require a technique, or a strategy, or anything you must do.
It requires a Simple Understanding:

Your Eyes do not need You to See.
Your Ears do not need You to Hear.
Your Skin does not need You to Feel.
Your Nose does not need You to Smell.
Your Subconscious Mind does not need Your Conscious Mind to Feel Emotions.

They just do. Without You. And you can allow them to do so.

When you realise that you simply do not need to have a conscious thought about what it is you are experiencing, you can begin to Get Out of Your Own Way, and JUST experience.

And for the first time since you were a child,
you will SEE Reality as it IS.
Not as You Wish it to be.

Clarity means to SEE what is Required.
To SEE what the Situation Truly is.
To SEE what the Source of the Problem Truly is.
To SEE what is Blocking You from Getting what you want.
To SEE the Physical, Without the Interference of the Mental.

Because that’s exactly what the Mind is. INTERFERENCE.

Like a Child Thrashing About in The Water, Trying to Calm It.
Once you remove the Child, the Source of Turbulence, from the Water, it returns to its Natural state:


Once you remove Your Conscious Mind from Your Sensations, you will Experience the Same.

Only Once you Experience Reality as it truly is, can you Respond Perfectly.


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