Questions are the answer.

You can continue searching for instructions, prescriptions, & ‘expert’ advice.

Or you can start asking yourself some questions.

And take the time to answer them PROPERLY.

This list of questions challenges you to question everything you have come to believe, and to look beneath the surface.

If you are SERIOUS about transforming your life, freeing yourself from your mind, unlocking your full potential, and achieving GREATNESS, these questions are your starting point.

  1. What do I want to have most? (Describe in as much detail as possible). Why do I want this? What feelings do I hope it will give me? How would I feel about myself if I had this?
  2. What do I want to achieve most? (Describe in as much detail as possible). Why do I want to achieve this? What feelings do I hope it will give me? How would I feel about myself if I achieved this?
  3. What sort of lifestyle do I want to live? (Describe in as much detail as possible). Why do I want to live this way? What feelings do I associate with this lifestyle? How would I feel about myself if I were living this lifestyle?
  4. Who do I want to be? And why?
  5. What hole within myself am I trying to fill with these achievements? What insecurity do I think it’s going to destroy? What permanent feeling am I hoping it will give me?
  6. What are the list of feelings associated with all the things I desire? Why do I want to feel this way? Is there a way for me to bypass all the work and achievements and feel that way about myself now? For a different reason than obtaining my desire?
  7. If it’s all for a feeling, is there a reason for me to put off feeling the way I want to feel?
  8. What do I believe I deserve?
  9. What is the ONE thing, that if I achieved it or had it right now, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?
  10. Once I achieve what I want to achieve, will there be more? Another thing to chase? Or will I finally be content?
  11. What is my ultimate goal? The thing, the level, the income, the passive cash flow, the wealth, that if I achieved it, I would finally stop searching for more?
  12. If it weren’t for the money, if it weren’t for ANYONE else but me, what ONE thing would I do every day for the rest of my life? What would I want to devote my entire life to? What craft would I want to master? What could I spend all day learning about, thinking about, and practicing?
  13. What would I do with my life, even if I couldn’t tell anyone about it?
  14. What am I naturally drawn to? What can’t I stop myself from pursuing, learning about, or thinking about?
  15. Do I really want what I say I want? Or is it someone else’s goal? Or is it something society has told me I ‘should’ want?
  16. What would I attempt if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  17. What would I still attempt even if I knew I was going to fail?
  18. If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I do today? Who would I spend time with? What would I want to leave the world? Would I worry about the future?
  19. What is the biggest bottleneck in my business, game, or life? What is preventing me the most from performing & achieving to my full potential ALL THE TIME?
  20. Thinking about the longest time horizon, what are the things that if I committed to them, would bring the greatest positive impact over the time?
  21. What if this were easy for me? What if this were simple? What would it look like?
  22. Is what I am currently doing getting the result I want? Why or why not? Why do I continue doing this if it’s not working? What could I do instead?
  23. What do I not understand that is preventing me from getting what I want?
  24. What are the things that, if I understood them, would lead me directly to the result I want?
  25. What are the few things I would need to go ALL IN on to 10X my result? (Not 2x, 10X!)
  26. What is the cost of my ignorance? (Whether it be a physical number, or an achievement, it is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. For example, if you earn $50,000 a year, and want to earn $1,000,000, the cost of not knowing how to achieve that is $950,000 every year!)
  27. Are there any rules that say I cannot achieve exactly what I want to achieve? If not, what’s actually stopping me?
  28. How would my perspective change if I were to pursue mastery of my craft, instead of merely getting better, or winning? What would it look like? How would this affect my approach, my training, my mindset, my performance?
  29. Why haven’t I achieved mastery already?
  30. What if instead of ‘believing’ that I could do it, I KNEW I could? The same way I KNOW how to brush my teeth?
  31. What do 99% of people do to achieve the goal that I want to achieve? What does the majority say to do? (Brainstorm a list!) Could this be why they are in the 99% and not the 1%? How could I do the opposite of all the mainstream advice?
  32. What is the cure to my problem? Not just a quick fix, like a band-aid, but a permanent cure! What would permanently cure the problem I am having?
  33. What would my day look like if I were pursuing human perfection?
  34. How can it be possible to ‘lose’ a skill I have spent years accumulating? Does a bird forget how to fly? Do I ‘lose’ the ability to walk? So why don’t I have access to that skill every single time?
  35. How is my mind holding me back from performing & achieving to my full potential?

Tell me, which question is your favourite?


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