Think about every moment you have ever experienced.

Every breath,

every decision,

every thought,

every action,

every experience.

Across your ENTIRE life.

Leading to this moment.

The volume of experiences that have combined to create YOU is next to infinite.

To be more concrete,

A 30 year old has lived 10,950 days,

262,800 hours,

15,768,000 minutes

946,080,000 seconds.

Each moment has crafted each of us, for our ENTIRE lives.

And you want to compare yourself to another?

Do you not see how that is not only unfair, but impossible?

There are simply too many variables,

too many moments,

too many experiences,

that has molded each and every one of us.

From the guy on Instagram with a Lamborghini,

to the woman on TikTok with the million-dollar fashion label.

There is ALWAYS someone with more money, or a faster car, or a bigger house, or a slimmer waistline.

Why do we torture ourselves with this constant comparison?

Every single human being on this planet is unique.

On a unique path.

With a unique set of experiences.

With unique possibilities in front of them.

Including you.

So let go.

Let go of the competition,

and the comparison.

Figure out for yourself just three things:

what you want, who you want to be, and what works in order to achieve it.

That’s all that matters.

No one can tell you what you want, or who you ought to be, or how to get there.

You MUST figure it out on your own.

You are too UNIQUE to listen to anyone else,

or emulate anyone else,

or get answers from ANYONE else.

Comparison is not only unfair, it’s impossible.

You are better than that.


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