What is the point of self-improvement?

‘To get better’


But why?

Why get better?

why chase gains?

why seek improvement?





Do you have an answer for this?

Other than something like;

‘to be the best version of myself’

‘to get better at what I do’

‘to be happier, or healthier, or wealthier’

Is the goal of self-improvement, just to improve?

Is that it?

To feel some sense of pride, knowing that we’re getting a little bit better, just like everyone else?

To feel & to share with others some sense of pride in how long we meditate, or how hard we work, or how much we can lift?

To join a community of so-called ‘like-minded people’ who are also on this so-called journey of self-improvement.

If the point of self-improvement is just to improve,

then we’re basically just on a treadmill until we die.

We can work, and learn, and train, and practice, and improve, every single day until we die, but what’s the point of that?

There is no point.

There is no point chasing self-improvement, for the sake of self-improvement.

If that’s it, then at the end of the day we’re just going to die and it’s all going to be for nothing.

The goal posts continue to move,

the ‘best version of ourselves’ is always out in front of us,

our vision, is always out in front of us.

It’s like playing golf where the hole moves further away every time you hit the ball.

There is no point.

We have been programmed to believe we are never enough,

someone always has more,

someone is always in better shape,

someone is always makes more money,

so we MUST improve.

The Journey, The Process, has become the goal.

But you can’t have a journey without a destination.

You can’t have a process without a desired outcome.

The paradox of self-improvement is that society has taught us to improve for the sake of improvement, and we’ve forgotten why we’re improving in the first place.

Self-improvement is not pointless.

Self-improvement for the sake of self-improvement is pointless.

Practice for the sake of practice is pointless.

Hard work for the sake of hard work is pointless.

Are you working your ass off every day to improve yourself for a reason?

Or just to feel good about yourself when you tell others how hard you’re working?

To post the gym selfie on social media for a few likes?

To compete with others on how long you meditate for,

and how good your morning routine is,

and how many hours you put into your business or your sport or your craft?

Just to feel good about yourself?

Are you working, and training, and practicing, and improving, for a reason?

To achieve something, specific?

If not, what’s the point?


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