Understand the Game Behind every Game we Play.

The Ultimate Game.

The Ultimate Game, means to Understand the Games we play.

The Ultimate Game, is the Game behind EVERY game.

Whether we realise it or not, everything is a Game.

The Career Game.

The Money Game.

The Business Game.

The Investing Game.

The Sport Game.

The Popularity Game.

The Mental Game.

The Life Game.

But what is ‘The Ultimate Game’?

What is the Game, that if you were to play it (and master it) exclusively, every other game would be Mastered automatically?

If you were to Master this Game, the Money Game would be Easy.

The Sport Game would be Easy.

The Business Game would be Easy.

The Career Game would be Easy.

The Relationship Game would be Easy.

The Life Game would be Easy.

What would you do?

The obvious thing: You would exclusively play this Game!

Now, before I reveal the Game to you, you must understand; there is nothing to do with this information.

This isn’t about to be a ‘Focus on Yourself and You Will Win!’ Motivational quote.

This isn’t about to be a ‘Try your best and everything will work out’ bumper sticker.

The Game is Simply this:

Mastery of Self.

What’s left?

Mastery of Self means:

No involuntary thoughts,

Not being swayed by emotions,

Understanding exactly who you are, and who you want to be,

Understanding that there is not past or future, and all your Power resides in right now.

Mastery of Self means you do not get in your own way.

Mastery of Self means you do not overthink or overanalyse.

Mastery of Self means you do not ‘Hope’ something happens.

Mastery of Self means you See Reality as it is, unclouded by thoughts, opinions, and hopes.

Mastery of Self means you make Decisions Free of Emotion & Bias.

Mastery of Self means you Understand yourself so completely, you do not compete, or compare, and therefore feel complete within yourself right now.

Mastery of Self means you do what is Required, not what you Feel like doing.

Mastery of Self allows you to move effortlessly through life, Free from needs, wants, attachments, opinions, comparisons, turmoil, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mastery of Self, means Freedom FROM the Mind.

Mastery of Self, is the Source of Mastery for Everything Else.

Mastery of Self,

What’s Left?


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