What Prevents You From Performing At Your Best?

Is it the Performance Anxiety?
The Pressure?
The Fear of Failure?
The Overthinking?
The Overanalysing?
The ‘Getting in Your Own Way?’
The Perfectionism?
The Negative Self-Talk?
The Lack of Confidence?
The Lack of Focus?

What is it, for YOU?

99.9% of people deal with one or many of these mental barriers.
And what do 99.9% of people do to deal with them?

They seek a Prescription;
A 5-Step Plan,

But what do these really achieve?

  1. It gives you MORE to think about when you are trying to work, play, compete, win.
  2. It seeks to relieve the symptom — To feel more confident, to feel less anxious, to be more mindful of your emotions, to focus less on mistakes, to be aware of the negative self-talk.

This is like cutting down branches in the hope of knocking down the tree!
The branches will just continue to grow back.
The mental challenges will continue arise in different forms.

Until you affect the ROOT.

So let’s ask a new question;
Instead of asking ‘What is Preventing Me from Peak Performance?’
we ask ‘What is the Root Cause?’
‘What do all the Problems Preventing Someone from Achieving Peak Performance have in Common?’

And the answer is:
The Mind.

The Mind talks negatively.
The Mind creates the feeling of pressure by caring about the outcome.
The Mind creates the fear of failure because it NEEDS to win.
The Mind creates ALL Mental Barriers.

It sounds obvious, but if it were so obvious, why do we focus ALL of our attention on Destroying the Barriers, instead of Destroying the Very Thing Creating the Barriers in the first place?

The problem is not Negative thoughts,
the problem is the existence of thoughts at all.

So by now you’re probably looking for something ‘to do’.
But there is nothing to do.

Once you understand the Truth that it is your Mind that is creating ALL of your Problems,
it is your Mind that Wants, and Needs, and Chases, and Seeks More,
it will Plague you.

You will see it in your every day experience.
Every time you get distracted, it’s your Mind.
Every time you Doom Scroll Social Media, it’s your Mind.
Every time you feel Anxiety, it’s your Mind.
Every time you talk down to yourself, it’s your Mind.
Every time you don’t believe you can do something, it’s your Mind.
Every time you Hope something goes your way, it’s your Mind.

Once the mountain of Evidence of this Truth rises higher and higher,
you will slowly detach from your Mind,
and when you detach from your Mind,
you will have the Power to choose when to think,
and when not to.

And you will find yourself, during your performance,
in the void where Peak Performance occurs,
and you ALLOW yourself to ACCESS your FULL capabilities,
it’s called the state of No-Mind.


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