When you look, you do not see.

When you listen, you do not hear.

One of the major problems preventing athletes from Peak Performance, is Clarity.

Not being able to Truly see reality as it is.

The reason an athlete cannot see clearly, is because of the mind.

The mind acts as an intermediary between the athlete and the external world.

The mind creates a haze.

The reason athletes play so well when they are in the zone,

is because the conscious mind has been switched off,

the mind disappears,

and the haze is lifted.

When an athlete is in the zone,

she truly sees reality as it is,

and only when you see reality as it truly is,

can you respond appropriately & accurately.

So what is this haze that is preventing you from peak performance?

It is the thoughts, the opinions, the judgements, the beliefs, the what ifs.

This is the haze that clouds your instinct.

This is the haze that prevents you from seeing, and hearing, reality.

This is the haze that prevents you from peak performance.

When a golfer lines up a putt,

he does not just see the green,

he judges it, and thinks about it, and analyses it, and believes this, and believes that,

and when a golfer lines up to the ball,

he does not just see the ball,

he thinks about his swing, his timing, his tempo, his takeback, his trigger, his hand position, the line he wants to hit it on,

‘visualizing’ the ball rolling into the cup.

I’m sorry, but if you are visualizing something in your mind, how can you possibly see reality clearly?

The putt you can see in your mind is not the one that counts,

so why would you blur the vision of the one that does?

I know what the sport psychology says about visualisation,

I know it makes you feel like you can do it,

but that’s a problem for another day.

I will just ask you this;

do you ‘visualise’ perfectly brushing your teeth?

I am telling you,

the reason you do not execute a skill that you have practiced a million times before,

the reason you do not make the right decision every time,

the reason you do not do the very thing you KNOW how to do,

is because you do not see reality clearly,

and because you do not see reality as it truly is,

how can you expect to respond appropriately?

There is nothing to do here,

I have no technique to prescribe you.

Simply by realising how your mind is preventing you from peak performance,

from seeing reality as it is,

this is enough.

Once you realise that it is the mere PRESENCE of your mind,

that is preventing you from Peak Performance,

it will torment you,

and I hope it does.

Because just maybe,

it will torment you so much,

that you will finally get so sick of your own shit,

of your thoughts and emotions getting in your way,

that you will finally reach the point that it is unacceptable to allow the mind to be present.

To have ANY involuntary thought.

For when there is sufficient desire,

it will happen.


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