The first and most important concept we must understand is that your life is 95% mindset, not 50%, not 80%, 95%.


Your beliefs and attitude literally shape your perception of reality. There are certain things that are not subjective. Physical reality is not subjective, it is what it is. Emotions are not subjective; you have them regardless. But perception? and feelings?

They’re completely subjective, and that’s where reality does become subjective.

Because it’s not what happens to us, or what has happened to us, or the emotions that we have as a reaction, but it is our choice of how we feel about it that shapes our reality.

Whether we choose to listen to those emotions or those thoughts. We do not create our reality directly, we do not think a thought and it manifests immediately, but what we do is choose our feelings about reality, and our feelings of reality shape it.

So, there is that indirect relationship to reality that makes all the difference.

Objectively speaking there is no good or bad events, things just happen, but it is our feelings that we choose to have in reaction to what happens that make it so.

You must understand that it is your choice of feeling to reality that makes it so.

Things happen, and either way they can be for you or against you, and it’s how you perceive it that counts.

it is your choice to say that you can or can’t do something.

It is your choice to believe in yourself or not believe in yourself.

At the end of the day who is going to take more risks, act more courageously, be a better leader, make better decisions, perform better in the heat of the moment?

Someone who chooses not to believe that they can do it?

Or someone who wholeheartedly believes that whatever happens, they can handle it?

The answer is obvious.

But what it is not obvious, is that it is our choice.

That is why it’s 95% mindset. Because even if you objectively have the knowledge, skills or abilities, even if you have the opportunity right in front of you, if you do not have the mindset to believe in yourself and execute, none of that really matters, you will never get the best out of yourself, you’ll never fulfill your potential, even if you have the tools, you’ll never use them to your full capacity if you don’t have the mindset to do so.

So, develop your mindset, sit down and work out the type of person who would achieve the goals you want to achieve, and actively work toward becoming that type of person.

The type of beliefs and attitudes they would have, the way that they would perceive what happens to them, the amount of risk they would be willing to take, and the way they would handle it. Work all of it out and start becoming that person.

In order to have more,

we must do more.

In order to do more,

we must become more.

That is the secret to success, becoming more.

Becoming the type of person who achieves,

the type of person who leads,

who makes good decisions,

who performs under pressure,

who works every day to maximize their potential.

Becoming more is all mindset, that’s where it all starts. I don’t know if you know anything about buildings, but the taller the building, the deeper the foundation must be, and your mindset is your foundation. And that’s what we’re doing here, in this course, we’re building a massive foundation for you to build the tallest building you can! To maximise your potential as a human being and become all you can be and achieve all you want to achieve.

You will only ever achieve the heights that your foundation will allow you to achieve, so that’s where you need to focus.

Mindset is 95%, it’s the work we must do 95% of the time, the other 5% becomes the easy part.

Once we have the foundations, the emotional control, the conscious choice of feelings and perception in reaction to our reality, our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, that is when we will be ready to do more and have more.


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