In the vast expanse of human curiosity, questions are the compasses that guide our exploration.

They shape our understanding, our perspective, and our actions.

But what if the very questions we pose are leading us astray?

What if the “how” we so often seek is the very thing that blinds us to the deeper truths within?

The Limitation of “How”

“How do I achieve this?”

“How can I be successful?”

“How do I find happiness?”

These questions, while seemingly innocent, carry with them an implicit assumption: that the answers lie outside of us.

By asking “how,” we inadvertently place the power of our journey in the hands of others.

We become seekers of external validation, of external solutions, and in doing so, we relinquish our innate power to shape our destiny.

In essence, seeking a ‘how’ shows that you are not truly serious.

Imagine you are drowning in a lake.

Would you need someone to tell you HOW to survive?


You would figure it out.

You would do whatever it takes.

You would find a way.

We seek instructions, and how-to’s, because we do not possess a sufficient level of desire.

If we truly wanted the goal we seek, with the same level of intensity as surviving from drowning, we would find a way.

Because we simply wouldn’t have another choice.

It’s the age old story of burning the ships:

When there is no escape,

when there is no one coming to rescue you,

when there is no other option but to succeed,

you will find a way.

If you truly wanted to land your ball on the fairway every time,

If you truly wanted to build a business empire,

If you truly wanted to achieve financial freedom,

If you truly wanted to be happy,

If you truly wanted to be free from the turmoil in your mind,

Your mind would be consumed in its every waking moment looking for the path.

You would spend hours on the practice range figuring out your swing.

You would be obsessed with understanding everything there is to know about achieving that goal.

You may seek a mentor,

You may seek a coach,

You may seek an instructor.

But NOT to tell you what to DO.

Only to help you see what you are failing to see.

To Understand that which you are failing to understand.

To Understand that which is preventing you from being there already.

To get to this level of desire, you cannot ask ‘how’.

You must ask ‘What?’ & ‘Why?’

The Clarity of “What”

“What do I actually want?”

“What is preventing me from achieving this?”

“What are the things, that if I understood them, would lead me to my goal?”

“What is it, that I do not understand?”

These questions shift our gaze inward.

They don’t seek external solutions; they seek internal revelations.

“What” doesn’t ask for a path; it asks for insight.

It challenges us to be the architects of our destiny,

to recognize the barriers we’ve erected,

and to find the strength within to dismantle them.

The Depth of “Why”

“Why am I not there already?”

“Why does this matter to me?”

“Why do I want what I say I want?”

“Why do I feel this way?”

These questions plunge us into the depths of introspection.

They force us to confront our beliefs, our motivations, and our fears.

“Why” doesn’t seek a roadmap; it seeks understanding.

It doesn’t look for a guide; it looks for purpose.

By asking “why,” we reclaim our journey, grounding it in the truths that resonate with our core.

By asking “why,” we dig far deeper than all the surface level answers that are offered to us by society.

Excavating for Truth

Asking “what” & “why” questions is not a one-time affair.

Like in mining,

the gold is not found at the surface,

but deep below.

If we wish to end the turmoil of the mind,

and the constant pursuit of MORE,

we must excavate further and further into ourselves.

The Truth of what we want,

is not what we say we want.

Society has taught us to strive for surrogates of what we Truly want.

It is only by excavating deeper,

through “what” & “why,”

that we can begin to unravel the Truth of what we want.

In doing so,

we find a shortcut.

A shortcut past the striving for achievements,

a shortcut past the hard work & self-induced suffering,

a shortcut past the coaches, gurus & experts,

a shortcut past the torment of the mind,

a shortcut past the need for performance,

a shortcut past the material success,

to what we’ve Truly wanted all along.

Redefining Our Questions

Imagine a world where our first instinct isn’t to seek answers from the outside but to delve deep within.

A world where we don’t look for roadmaps,

but for revelations.

This is the world that “why” and “what” can usher in.

By redefining our questions, we redefine our journey.

We move from being passive recipients of external wisdom to active seekers of internal truth.

By shifting from “how” to “why” and “what,” we don’t just change our questions; we change our trajectory.

We move from a path of external dependency to one of internal empowerment.

Instead of asking “how do I achieve X?”

Ask yourself this;

“What is it that I truly want? Is this it?”

“Why do I want this? What feeling will it bring me?”

“What hole within myself will achieving this fill?”

“Why have I not achieved it already?”

“What is it about achieving this have I not understood?”

“What are the things, that if I understood them, would lead me directly to X?”

“What is preventing me from achieving it?”

The next time you find yourself poised to ask “how,” pause.

Dive deeper.

Seek the “why” and the “what.”

For in these questions, you’ll find not just answers, but the power to shape your destiny from within.


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